piotr pyciński



Piotr (en: Peter)


IT geek & Lifeguard & Paramedic & Sailor


Earth - Europe - Poland




HSBC, Akamai, Samsung, Alior Bank, Pedagogical University

Short BIO

After graduating from primary school, I followed my parents' advice to a geodetic high school. At the same time, I was interested in computers. Therefore, after graduating from high school, I started studying computer science. There, a passion for computer networks and operating systems developed that continues to this day. So currently I work as a sysadmin with a slowly developing interest in cybersecurity. After so many years of work, I should be a manager, but somehow I still prefer the console, code or logs view more than Excel cells.

And that might be the end of the story, but no. At the age of 34, I started my studies at the medical faculty and at the age of 37 I graduated and started working in my spare time as a paramedic. And I haven't mentioned yet that since 2003 I have been a lifeguard as well, and I try to change my workplace to a beach full of people at least once a year.

All of the above allows us to draw some obvious conclusions. I am a bloody curious person. When something starts to bore me, I find myself new things to explore. After all, we only have one life, so I don't see any reason to waste it on doing just one thing / job.

IT Short

Yes, I wasn't born in a world surrounded by computers and cell phones, so I don't think I would surprise anyone that I only used a computer from the age of 10. This has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that I participated in the creation of the IT world known today. On the other hand, Poland is not the United States, where much of the technological revolution began. I use computers mainly for work and entertainment and that's a big part of my life. I use operating systems from the GNU / Linux family (Slackware, Gentoo, Arch, Debian, Red Hat) and BSD (FreeBSD). I've worked as an administrator for most of my career. Now I pay attention to my interests in cybersecurity.

Lifesaving Short

It is the second part of who I am now. Probably in a few years I will be in lifeguard retirement, but the knowledge and experience will remain. Then I will take care of the training of the new staff. As I wrote above, in my free time (and there are not too many of them) I work as a lifeguard (mainly at the seaside) and paramedic. If you want to know more about medicine, law and trainings, please visit the Lifesaving subpage written in my native language.

My IT skills confirmed on LinkedIN
  • Firewalls, iptables, pf
  • Web Application Security, Security
  • GNU/Linux, Unix
  • Apache, Nginx, Load Balancing, HA
  • VPN
  • Network Administration
  • System Administration
  • QEMU, VMware
  • Public Speaking
  • Perl, Bash, PHP, Begining with python
  • PostgreSQL,MySQL
  • Linux Firewalls
  • Linux Desktop
  • Novell Certified, RedHat Certified
  • Technical Presentations
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