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Croatia 2021

Created: 25.11.2021

At the end of September and beginning if October, together with a group of friends, we went on my first captain's sailing trip to beautiful sunny Croatia. There were also two other yachts from Poland with us. One was commanded by Marcin (who had been sailing in Croatia a long time before me) and Łukasz with whom I got to know the sailing craft.

Travel to Croatia

We started with a long journey, taking a rented bus from Krakow to Split, and then a ferry to the place where we charter a yacht - Solta island, Rogac marina. We were at 11, hoping that we would be able to pick up the yacht earlier than 5 pm (it was written in the contract). It took us a while to pick up the yacht so that day I decided to stay in the marina. A new crew unfamiliar with the yacht and sailing at night are not a good idea. But it is a good oportunity to get to know each other better and plan our further journey.

The first day

Was a short cruise to the island Vis to the marina Komiza. As for first day, there were no wind, all the time on the engine engine. To make matters worse, 20 minutes earlier before marina the pier places ran out. We need to stay on the buoy. So, the first night at sea and immediately on guard, but at least we had a good dinner together on the mainland.

Day two

We sailed to the tiny island of Bisevo to visit one of the most interesting Croatian attractions - Blue Cave. It was a short but beautiful experience. The wind was favorable, the sea was mild and we still had to make it to the destination port of Palmizana. This marina is very expensive but also one of the best equipped we have visited. Great facilities and a well sheltered harbor basin, the presence of all 3 yachts made the night long and partying.

Day third

We stayed longer to take advantage of and visit all nooks and crannies of Palmizana. Around noon we set off, benefiting from good weather, we headed towards the island of Hvar, ultimately to the port of Stary Grad. On the way we stopped in one of the small bays to swim, and some of the crew members even tried to launch kitesurfing. In the late afternoon we docked in Stary Grad.

Day four

Stary Grad is the oldest town on the island of Hvar, founded in 384 BC. The crew decided to go sightseeing, so we rescheduled our departure around 11 am. We made up for some shortcomings in the yacht's cooling system and set off. As the destination port was Vrboska, which also lies on Hvar, two of the crew decided to go there on foot. In almost windless weather - it wasn't a bad idea. An hour before dusk we reached Vrboska, which was the most difficult marina in terms of mooring. The tight and very shallow harbor basin made us approach the pier 3 times. After mooring, we decided to wait for Łukasz's crew that sailed from Vera Luka. They were already mooring in the dark, so we helped light the quay with our torches. They docked without any major problems, I think that even without our help they would have managed.

... for photos and further descriptions you to wait for the next post.

Help or 1% tax

Created: 2021-02-022

If you do not know what to spend your 1% of tax, or you just have a bit of free cash, here -> is a good person, my friend, who needs help.


Jeżeli nie wiesz, na co przeznaczyć swój 1% podatku lub po prostu masz odrobinę wolnej kasy to tutaj -> jest dobra osoba, moja przyjaciółka, która potrzebuje pomocy.


Created: 2021-02-02

And it happened. From today, I can boldly say that I am chipped with a vaccine for a disease that does not exist. But seriously:

  • It does not hurt - nurses who chip so many people a day probably learned to avoid all the muscles and fat deposits because I did not know when I got it
  • After the vaccination (both the first and the second dose) my arm ached - as if I had sore muscles after the gym.
  • After second dose, i felt like a wreck. Next day was ok.
  • The only complication of vaccination (which my wife noticed) was a better mood. It is possible that it was caused by a psychological comfort that I did not realize before.
  • If I get any superpowers, I will write about it for sure. At present, I do not receive Wi-Fi better, no one controls me. Maybe Bill Gates hasn't activated all the chips yet ;)

I definitely recommend it !